Web development

Here at Grapho Androida we have the required infrastructure, technology experts and experience to develop a custom product quickly and within the budget. With our agile based approach towards development, Grapho Androida delivers value for a unique user experience. We provide services on a variety of technologies and domains. Quality assurance is our strength and client satisfaction, our Commitment. Our products helps our clients to gain success in their business and makes their tasks easier and safer. Security of our products and privacy of our clients' data are our priority and we try our best to do that.

We specialize in web technologies like JSP, PHP and designing technologies with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery. To maintain high page ranking on search engines we provide you SEO facility. Our Responsive designs will make your website optimized for different devices of different screeen sizes. Either it be mobile phone or a smart phone or a tablet or your desktop or laptop, our websites will look appealing anyway. We gurantee you the best design and great functionally through your website which will benefit your business.

We can design and develop for any domain including, education for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions; Hospiality for hotels and banquet halls; Medical for Hospitals; Ecommerce for online shopping and trading, Project scheduling and management for companies; Advertisement websites for companies willing to get peoples attention to their products; Tourism for tour and travel companies, taxi providers and for many other domains.

We provide full security to your website from common web based attacks including SQL injection.

Database Softwares

Database based applications require special care, ai its not just about developing an application, security and optimization are essential. User data can be very sensitive and hence need to be secured.

We specialize in several databases including MySQL,Oracle and DB2 . We develop database enabled softwares for various domains including education,medical,tourism and many others. We provide secure services, and your data is our responsibility. Secure encryption and storage of data is also provided by Grapho Androida with secure,easy and fast decryption for fetching of your data.

Mobile Applications

With every technology going mobile, an Android application can be a game changer for your organization. Either it be a university or a small,medium or a large business organization mobile apps play an important role in this new tech era.

We design and develop android applications for both online and offline purposes. Our applications includes college app which can be beneficial for any college or university. It provides attractive way for advertisement of the institutions and also provides important updates to the students and faculties of the institution. A offline app is also available which will serve as a brochure for the college or university.

We also develop android apps for business firms looking for advertisement of their products and for conveying info. about their company and its products. Database can be SQLite,DB2,Oracle or MySQL, as per the customers need. We guarantee you the best UI of your mobile application and great functionality to its users. Our apps runs perfectly on all mobile devices including phones and tablets of all resolutions and sizes. For HTML5 based mobile apps and Tizen apps contact us through the contact form or through the provided email id.